Circa 1892

37,5х33 ; oil on board

45x54; oil on canvas


103х94; oil on canvas

Mother and Child

45х38,5; oil on canvas

Martha and Mary

77х116; oil on canvas

156,3х178,5; oil on canvas

Sacred Spring at Guidel

Circa 1905

39х34,5; oil on canvas

Bacchus and Ariadne

81х116; oil on canvas

81x116; oil on canvas

Panel 2. Zephyr Transporting Psyche to the Island of Delight

395х267,5; oil on canvas

Panel 1. Eros is Struck by Psyche's Beauty

394х269,5; oil on canvas

Panel 5. In the Presence of the Gods Jupiter Bestows Immortality on Psyche and Celebrates Her Marriage to Eros

399х272; oil on canvas

Panel 3. Psyche Discovers that Her Mysterious Lover is Eros

395х274,5; oil on canvas

Panel 4. The Vengeance of Venus

395х272; oil on canvas

The Green Beach. Perros-Guirec

97x180; oil on canvas

Panel 7. Cupid Carrying Psyche Up to Heaven

180х265; oil on canvas

Panel 6. Psyche's Kin Bid Her Farewell on a Mountain Top

200х275; oil on canvas

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